2020 Election Toolkit

Thank you for partnering with NETWORK to engage in the 2020 Election! We recognize the importance of being able to participate in the election process, so we have put together an interactive toolkit to equip you and your fellow Justice Seekers to take part in the 2020 Election with us. Find our resources below.

Honoring Our Values as We Enter an Election Year

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS

I believe elections are not won on technical policy proposals — though those are important. No, the most critical factor in an election is the values we share! Who is included in our concern? Whom do we speak to? And whom do we speak about? Can we, and our candidates, envision a nation where all are included and all are cared for?

As you consider your vote, talk with friends and neighbors, and ponder how to care for our democracy, remember that our values are the bedrock of our participation. Ask yourself: Who shares my values? Who will further the common good? Come to your answer and then let your values shine as a light for others. Our nation is hungry for such a beacon of hope.

2020 Election Toolkit

Additional Resources

State Voting Information