Vote Our Future Everyone thrives. No exceptions! Non-partisan voter education and engagement campaign LEARN MORE Multi-issue Voting Protects democracy Safeguard freedoms for thriving lives Learn More Y.A.L.L. Engaging young voters College campus voter education View More Vote our future is NETWORK's nonpartisan voter engagement and education campaign. Multi-issue voting protects our freedoms so everyone thrives. No exceptions Y.A.L.L. engages with young voters for civic education and engagement.

NETWORK’s 2024 nonpartisan voter engagement and empowerment campaign, Vote Our Future, gives justice-seekers the resources, training, and messaging needed to take action for social justice and protect the freedoms essential to a multiracial, multi-faith democracy this election year, and beyond.

WAYS TO JOIN OUR ADVOCACY Individual Join us online for webinars and trainings, send messages to Congress, or come out to an in-person events. Justice seekers can join us for training workshops, write letters to the editor, go to lobby visits and more. With A Friend Do all you would do as an individual, but with the company of the people in your life. Amplify our actions when you engage in advocacy with a friend, family member, parishioner, etc. Members and supporters in certain cities, towns, and states may join a NETWORK Advocates Team. Teams hold regular meetings online or in-person, lobby Congress, and take more actions together with guidance from a NETWORK Grassroots Mobilization organizer. Join Us On A Team Learn More!


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NETWORK’s issue agenda is informed by
Catholic Social Justice and the lived experience of real people.