Educate with NETWORK

The Catholic Social Justice principle of participation calls us to inform ourselves about the issues of the day, to engage in serious conversations with our neighbors about our nation’s future, and to learn to listen to different perspectives with empathy. This responsibility to participate means each person must be equipped with the resources needed to do so.

Whether you want to learn about taxes on your own or lead a training on how to “Mend the Gap” with your faith community, NETWORK has educational resources available for you.  Please email our Grassroots Mobilization team with any questions or comments, or fill out this form to request a NETWORK staff presentation.

NETWORK Webinars

Watch past NETWORK webinars on the latest policy and advocacy developments. Watch here.

21st Century Poverty

Illuminating the reality of poverty in the United States today. Learn More.

Becoming Spirit-Filled Voters

This guide explores how the call to participation in our society and our politics should direct our actions. Learn more.

Mind the Gap

Study the policies that led to worsening inequality over the past 40 years and explore solutions. Learn more.

Catholic Social Justice

The principles that inspire our work. Learn more.

The Racial Wealth and Income Gap

What created, and is sustaining, the racial wealth and income divide in the United States. Learn more.

Recommit to Racial Justice

This guide confronts our nation’s history or racism and the ways racism continues today, including in our federal policies. Learn more.

Unheard Voices: A Faithful Democracy

Highlighting the important aspects of our democratic system, the impacts on democratic representation, and what’s needed to create a more faithful democracy.  Learn More.

Transformative Conversations

A starting point to having conversations for change. Learn more.

The Pope and Politics

Examine the impact Pope Francis’s leadership has had on U.S. politics. Learn more.

We the Taxpayers

An Interfaith conversation on how we share our nation’s wealth. Learn more.

A Nun on the Bus

Resources to accompany Sister Simone’s book. Learn more.