Restoring the Voters Covenant

Faithful Democracy 2020

NETWORK Lobby joins our faith partners to take a hard look at our nation’s aspirational founding principles. Free of cynicism and ever hopeful, we hold firm to our trust in the spirit of self-governance and the promise of a fairer, more representative democracy.


Read the Faithful Democracy Voters Covenant outlining those aspirational principles.  Have your house of worship, faith group, or faith-based organization endorse the Voters Covenant.

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Protecting Our Democracy in the Face of COVID-19

Watch the Faithful Democracy Coalitions’ April 29, 2020 Town Hall:


COVID-19 Faithful Democracy Advocacy
Read the Faithful Democracy letter that went to all Congressional offices here.

Read the letter sent to Congressional offices from key Christian leaders seeking funds and protections for upcoming elections here.

Contact your legislators to support election funding!

NETWORK Lobby and Pax Christi participated in May 9th action urging election funding on behalf of Faithful Democracy. Watch the DC action in a 40 second time-lapse video!

Unheard Voices: A Faithful  Democracy Toolkit

*DISCLAIMER*: The Census 2020 Chapter was released prior to the COVID-19 crisis, which is having real-time impacts on the roll out and operations of the decennial count.  Much of this chapter is evergreen, but we recommend visiting the Census Bureau HERE for the most up-to-date developments and ways to engage.*


Faithful Democracy is retooling future Unheard Voices chapters for the urgent need to protect our 2020 elections and ensure voting rights in the COVID-19 pandemic.