Restoring the Voters Covenant

Faithful Democracy 2020

NETWORK Lobby joins our faith partners to take a hard look at our nation’s aspirational founding principles.  Free of cynicism and ever hopeful, we hold firm to our trust in the spirit of self-governance and the promise of a fairer, more representative democracy.

Read the Faithful Democracy Voters Covenant outlining those aspirational principles.  Have your house of worship, faith group, or faith-based organization endorse the Voters Covenant.

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Throughout the year leading into the 2020 election, Faithful Democracy is rolling-out a multi-part Unheard Voices Toolkit.  Each chapter of Unheard Voices will highlight one important aspect of our democratic system and briefly explain the history of the issue at play, the impacts on democratic representation, and what’s needed to create a more faithful democracy.  This toolkit is designed for use by religious groups and classes, individuals and faith leaders to learn and mobilize around needed democratic reforms.

Unheard Voices: A Faithful  Democracy

Future Unheard Voices Chapters:

  • Democratic Engagement and Civic Discourse (May 2020)
  • Census 2020 (Part 2): Gerrymandering– Tipping the Scales (July 2020)
  • Elections: Vigilance and Participation (September 2020)