The tradition of the Hebrew prophets and the life of Jesus teach us that faith has a public dimension. It is not enough for communities to meet the immediate needs of people at the margins of our society. The Gospel and social teachings of our Church call us to work to transform systems and structures which create injustice. Justice, as well as charity, is needed.  At NETWORK, we work for justice through advocacy.

We think of advocacy as speaking truth to power, bringing the needs of the people
to those who have the power to create change.

Fulfilling our moral responsibility as residents of the United States and as people of faith requires our participation in political advocacy. We must educate ourselves and others to understand the challenges affecting society, organize to be in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in our communities, and lobby to ensure that our elected officials are held accountable to their promise to care for the common good.

When “We the People” come together to educate, organize, and lobby, we can affect change.


The Catholic Social Justice principle of participation calls us to inform ourselves about the issues of the day, to engage in serious conversations with our neighbors about our nation’s future, and to learn to listen to different perspectives with empathy. This responsibility to participate means each person also has a fundamental right to participate, and must be equipped with the resources needed to do so.

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Our spirit-filled network of justice-seekers connects with each other online, over the phone, and in person. We know that education and lobbying alone are not enough; together we must strive to create a culture that values the common good and embodies the teachings of Catholic Social Justice. By organizing ourselves into one collective voice, we are building the power that is needed to transform our political system into one that supports the dignity of all people and creates a more just economy of inclusion.

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There are many ways to contact your members of Congress to express your position on an issue, or address their recent vote. Visit NETWORK’s Action Center for the latest actions we are advising to our community.

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