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What is NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice anyway? This presentation offers a summary of our organization’s origin, mission, how we’re currently working to create social and economic justice is today’s society, and how you can join us!

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Catholic Social Justice

Discover how NETWORK uses our six Catholic Social Justice principles to guide our actions towards mending the country’s wealth and access gaps.

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Overview of Faith-Based Advocacy

How does our faith impact the way we participate in political advocacy? Learn how faith can ground us in our advocacy work and help us become stronger advocates and stay motivated when faced with political adversity.

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How to Have an Effective Lobby Visit

Think lobbying is a dirty word and only used by big corporations trying to sway Congress with seedy tactics? Think again! Learn how NETWORK uses lobby meetings to advance social and economic justice. This presentation offers step-by-step instructions on how to have a congressional lobby meeting with both in-district and Capitol Hill congressional offices. This presentation is usually combined with a policy briefing specific to whichever Mend the Gap issue for which your group is lobbying.

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Mend the Gap Policy Briefing

Would you like to learn about one or more of NETWORK’s Mend the Gap issue areas? In this presentation, we will educate you on federal and state-specific policy related to that issue area.

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Racial Wealth Gap

This presentation describes the history of what created, and what is sustaining, the racial wealth and income divide in the United States.

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How to Have a One-on-One

One-on-ones are used to build relationships, uncover self-interest, develop clarity, and gather information, and they eventually lead to stronger, more accountable, more powerful organizations. In this workshop, you will learn how to conduct a one-on-one, get a chance to practice, and leave with some tools to continue your power-building back home.

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Transformative Conversations to Bridge Divides

We live in a polarized society, with parties and ideologies creating divisions and complicating relationships between people with differing beliefs. Even religion has been used to drive us apart. Political conversations stir up strong emotions, and as a result many of us avoid engaging in tough conversations with people we disagree with, especially with loved ones or those we see on a daily basis.

NETWORK staff will teach you steps to a healthy conversation and other tips for having difficult, transformative conversations.

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Town Hall for Tax Justice

We will facilitate a town-hall event for your group, examining the impacts of the  2017 Republican tax law both on the national and local scale.

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Tools to Nourish your Advocates Team

Activities to do in a Group:

Reflection Series (good for a group or individual activity)

Prepare for a Lobby Visit:

NETWORK Webinars

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