Our nation’s immigration system is broken. Increased enforcement is tearing families apart and causing suffering for those who are otherwise willing and eager to contribute to our society. Our nation needs an immigration system that reflects our faith values and the needs of the twenty-first century.

Use the resources below to hear the stories of immigrants and learn about the current state of immigration in the United States, then take action in the NETWORK Action Center.

Engaging Impasse Activity

This workshop was put together in an attempt to break through the impasse on immigration. Through reflection, role playing, and discussion, participants in the workshop will explore various feelings and fears surrounding immigration reform and ways to find common ground. The workshop uses biographies to explore the experience of individuals who live the reality of the intersection of immigration and our current failed system.

Immigration Lenten Toolkit

In 2014, NETWORK members made advocating for Comprehensive Immigration Reform their Lenten practice. Each week, members read an immigration story or learned about federal immigration policy then placed calls to members of Congress to advocate for immigration reform legislation.

Download the toolkit here.

History of Immigration Policies in the U.S.

NETWORK believes learning and teaching others about the history of both welcoming and fearing immigrants will help us to debate current policy more effectively based on fact rather than rhetoric. It will also help us avoid mistakes of the past. Read more here.