21st Century Poverty

Illuminating the Reality of Poverty in America

For more than 45 years, it has been our mission to mend the gaps in economic
inequality, with particular focus on how these issues disproportionately affect women and
people of color. More recently, we at NETWORK came to realize that there are a number
of inaccurate perceptions and stereotypes about poverty rife in our political discourse.

These misconceptions and stereotypes are light years away from reality. Therefore, we believe that we need to educate ourselves about the current reality of just who is living in poverty and why. This is our journey to understand the truth of 21st Century Poverty. By visiting the links below, you will be guided through personal stories, reflections, and facts about the issues facing our communities, and our sisters and brothers who are pushed into poverty today. Opening up our minds and hearts to the current story of economic struggle is the challenge that we face.

We look forward to journeying with you to understand 21st Century Poverty. Please email us at info@networklobby.org with any questions or comments that may arise as you use these resources.