The Faithful Budget

The Faithful Budget is an interfaith document put together by 36 different faith organizations. It was first created in the summer of 2011 out of a common sense of urgency surrounding the need to protect social safety-net programs that serve and protect those who live at the margins of society. It reflects our vision of federal budget priorities rooted in the twin values of compassion and fairness.

A Faithful Budget has 8 principles

  1. Restore Economic Opportunity
  2. Ensure Adequate Resources for Shared Priorities
  3. Prioritize True Human Security
  4. Meet Immediate Needs
  5. Accept Intergenerational Responsibility
  6. Use the Gifts of Creation Sustainably
  7. Provide Access to Healthcare for All
  8. Recognize the Role of Government

Read “Our Message to Political Leaders,” the preamble to The Faithful Budget

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Download our 2015 Faithful Budget Briefing on Capitol Hill

A Faithful Budget does more than simply meet the needs of poor and vulnerable people. A Faithful Budget simultaneously promotes economic opportunity, mobility, and security.The Faithful Budget, p. 13