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Keep Your Posts Concise

Twitter limits tweets to 280 characters (about 2-3 sentences), and Facebook will show a shortened version of your post if it is longer than 400 characters (about 4-5 sentences). However, if you have a good story or compelling data that needs a longer post, go ahead and write a longer post or reply to your own tweets (this creates a tweet thread).

Add a photo

Tweets with photos result in a 48% increase in tweets being favorited.

Use hashtags in your posts
Tag candidates, journalists, debate moderators and other public figures

Include their handle in your tweet or their Facebook page in a Facebook post.

Add emotional appeal or faith language

People are more likely to interact with and share posts that make them feel something or touch them on a personal level.

Tweet and post on Facebook about major events

and other topics that people are talking about.

Reply to or share/retweet interesting tweets or posts
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