NETWORK Lobby Endowment Fund Celebrates 50 years of Justice-Lines


Dear Friend,

In Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel,” he writes: “An authentic faith … always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it.” I think I have always had a deep desire to change the world and perhaps that same desire resonates within you.

Almost 50 years ago, “a desire to change the world and leave the earth somehow better than we found it” inspired Catholic Sisters to form NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, to advocate for policies that reduce economic insecurity, inequality, and other injustices in our country. Today, five decades later, and in collaboration with generous people like you, NETWORK is a widely respected moral voice on Capitol Hill advocating for racial and economic justice.

My own congregation, the Sisters of St. Joseph, has been an active member of NETWORK since its inception, and it has been a privilege and blessing for me to have served on its Board for the past 11 years. Over those years I have celebrated NETWORK’s 40th Anniversary, and participated in many of the Nuns on the Bus trips advocating for a faithful budget, humane immigration reform, voting rights, and more. Truly my life has been abundantly enriched through my active participation in this phenomenal organization!

Needless to say, NETWORK could not have reached this echelon of influence in the halls of Washington, D.C. without the passionate support of our members and the enormous generosity of our donors. Money is for mission, and our mission to educate, organize, and lobby for economic and social transformation is needed now as never before. Infusing the values of “Sister Spirit” — acting out of a grounded spirituality rooted in contemplation and reflection, listening with curiosity and humility, approaching people with welcome and hope, and pursuing Gospel justice with joy and persistence — is the unique contribution we bring to the work we do in solidarity with people and communities most impacted by federal policies.

As NETWORK approaches its milestone 50th Anniversary, we are establishing an Endowment Fund with the support of committed donors like you to ensure that our Spirit-filled network of justice seekers is equipped to do the work of economic and racial justice far into the future. I invite you to invest in our mission by supporting this Endowment Fund. May “your deep desire to change the world and leave this earth somehow better than you found it” inspire you to join us in this venture.


Sister Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ

Board Chair Emeritus