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On the Road with the Pope Francis Voter Tour

On the Road for Catholic Social Justice

Pope Francis Voter Tour Reached Voters In-person and Online

The Pope Francis Voter Tour talked to voters about the harm that single-issue voting represents to thriving communities. Voting for all justice issues moves us all closer to getting the resources we all need to live thriving lives, it protects our democracy, voting rights and freedoms.

The Pope Francis Voter Tour directly engaged with voters in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Spirit-filled voters around the nation were able to watch select events online.

Final Tour Events

Philadelphia on Tuesday, October 25, 5:30 – 7 PM at LaSalle University
Scranton on Wednesday, October 26 7 – 8:30 PM at St. John’s Byzantine Church
Pittsburgh on Friday, October 28 1 – 1:30 PM at Casa San Jose (In-person &  Online)
Pittsburgh on Friday, October 28 5:30 – 7 PM at Carlow University
National Town Hall, November 3 12 Noon – 1 PM Online

special event

White Supremacy in American Christianity:
How it Harms Our Churches, Politics, and Communities

Voting is a tool for justice

From L-R, Sr. Elizabeth Walters, IHM; Sr. Barbara Beasley, IHM; Sr. Karen Donahue, RSM hold the Equally Sacred Checklist. The Sisters were speakers at the Detroit Town Hall.

Pope Francis makes it clear: there are multiple issues that matter at the ballot box, and no one issue is more sacred than another.

We create the future we want by voting

No matter where we live, how much money is in our wallet, or the color of our skin, most of us believe in caring for our families, treating one another with respect, and making things better for those to come.​

But certain politicians use dog whistles and stir our emotions on a single issue to divide us, discourage us from voting, and distract us from the ways they’re rigging our political system and the economy for themselves and the ultra-wealthy.

But we will not let them stop us from answering the call to love our neighbor and build thriving multi-faith, multiracial communities.

Coming together as Pope Francis Voters, we can vote for people who will deliver health care for our families, quality schools for our kids, and make the rich pay what they owe in taxes to our shared economy. Will you be a Pope Francis Voter? Sign the PFV Pledge NOW!

We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.

- Pope Francis on June 3, 2020 -

Overheard on the Pope Francis Voter Tour

About NETWORK staff

The NETWORK staff is amazing!

NETWORK Gives Me Hope

When asked what gives you hope for the Miderms…”NETWORK!” was the answer.

Podcast Love

I love the podcast—keeping doing it

Keeping me Catholic

Women religious and NETWORK are why I stay a Catholic, thank you for this work

Impressed by PFVT Resources

Thank you for giving us real resources and tools to participate, organize and advocate.

Great Materials

YES, YES! Thank you for the Senate Side-by-Sides and Equally Sacred Checklist, how many can I take with me to pass out of my parish?

Strong messaging

Thank you for the clear and strong messaging. Can I take more copies of Connection?

Excellent educational tools

These materials are amazing; may I take more to hang up at school?

Images from the Pope Francis Voter Tour!


The PFV Tour kicked off in Springfield, Ill on October 8.


The PFV Tour landed in Michigan on October 13.


The PFV Tour stopped in Cleveland, Toledo, and Cincinnati October 18-20


WIN Cincinnati Site Visit

The Tour visited community organizations in Ohio providing resources and opportunity for people to have agency over their lives.

Toledo and Cleveland Site Visits

Be a Pope Francis Voter and Improve Our Economy, Reduce Racism, and Safeguard Freedoms

Election Workshops Teach You How to Be a Pope Francis Voter and Transform Politics!

Are you a multi-issue voter who is ready to be a Pope Francis Voter and build toward a multi-racial, inclusive democracy? Not sure what that means, but interested in how you can connect your faith, Catholic Social Justice, and voting? Then Transform Our Politics! Becoming a Pope Francis Voter,” a virtual three-part election workshop series, is for you!

Each week, you will explore one of NETWORK’s Cornerstones to Build Our Country Anew: Dismantling Systemic Racism, Cultivating Inclusive Community, and Rooting Our Economy in Solidarity. The vision and skills you’ll acquire will help you during this election season and beyond. Download the Build Anew Agenda.

Your vote is your voice! Prepare with NETWORK staff to be a Pope Francis Voter and transform our politics! We hope to see you at each 90-minute workshop. Session will be recorded.

Workshop I: Dismantle Systemic Racism

Learn how single-issue voting can be a cover for racism, nationalism, and extremism. Key policies that have begun to dismantle systemic racism in the U.S will be highlighted, and we’ll explore more that needs to happen.

Message training will help you take what you’ve learned into conversation with friends and family. Election season can complicate relationships, and so can talk of dismantling racism. NETWORK staff will model how you can use effective messaging to engage in transformative conversations.


Workshop II: Cultivate Inclusive Community

Explore your understanding of ‘inclusive community’ and break open the Catholic case for democracy. Some assert that inclusive communities create division and foster animosity toward people outside of the group.

NETWORK staff will show how inclusive communities are not exclusionary and are the polar opposite of White Christian Nationalism. We will envision how we can be part of creating a multi-racial, inclusive democracy this election season.


Workshop III: Root Our Economy in Solidarity

Learn about policies that address the racial wealth and income gap so that everyone has the economic stability needed to thrive. NETWORK staff will help you practice promoting these policies with the people in your life.

Engage in a discussion on the power and benefits of cross-cultural relationships and understanding to build racial solidarity. This must happen to bring NETWORK’s Build Anew Agenda into existence so we can build an economy of inclusion that values people and planet over profit. Participants will also learn how storytelling plays a role in transformative conversations.