Election 2020
Additional Resources

Becoming Spirit-Filled Voters

The principles of Catholic Social Justice are central to NETWORK’s work, and have guided the choices of lay and religious people for over a hundred years. The principle calling us to participation, in particular, has special importance during an election year. Together, we will explore will how this call to participation in our society and our politics should direct our actions.

Go to the full toolkit: networkadvocates.org/spiritfilledvoters

Raising Rural Voices

NETWORK held 17 rural roundtables in 16 states, meeting and listening to a diverse group of 250 people living in rural parts of the U.S.

Read the full report: networklobby.org/raisingruralvoices

Unheard Voices: A Faithful Democracy

Throughout the year leading into the 2020 election, Faithful Democracy is rolling-out a multi-part Unheard Voices Toolkit.  Each chapter of Unheard Voices will highlight one important aspect of our democratic system and briefly explain the history of the issue at play, the impacts on democratic representation, and what’s needed to create a more faithful democracy.  This toolkit is designed for use by religious groups and classes, individuals and faith leaders to learn and mobilize around needed democratic reforms.

Read the full toolkit: networkadvocates.org/faithfuldemocracy/