We cannot overlook the situation of migrants.

1.) Opposes building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

President Trump’s campaign continues supporting its 2016 promise to “build the wall,” and boasts that more than 400 miles have been built.1

Vice President Biden would immediately stop construction of any additional border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.2


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2.) Respects and observes international laws on asylum

President Trump has put in place a number of policy changes to the asylum system. His administration has taken steps to restrict who can be granted asylum, to drastically limit whether asylum seekers can stay in the U.S. while their claim is reviewed, and to remove minimum standards for the treatment of children.1 They also created a new refugee admission ceiling of 18,000 for FY2020, the lowest number of refugees resettled by the U.S. in a single year since 1980, when Congress created the nation’s refugee resettlement program.2

Vice President Biden will remove Trump Administration restrictions on asylum seekers, stop “metering” at the border, and add humanitarian resources for those waiting at the border.3 During the Obama-Biden administration, the FY2017 refugee admission ceiling was set at 110,000, the highest since 1995.4


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