Advocates Teams connect spirit-filled justice seekers within a metropolitan area and empower them to act effectively for social change by rooting them in a network that shares their values and vision for our nation.

DSC00860As members of a national lobby group working to develop and pass legislation that builds an economy of inclusion, Advocates teams are empowered to participate in strategies that have national impact—at a level beyond that resulting from individual or uncoordinated efforts.

The teams work with NETWORK staff to build relationships with their Members of Congress to influence their actions on a bill or issue. Additionally, they become well-versed in federal policies that support the common good, take part in activities designed to advance legislation, and develop their organizing and leadership skills to strengthen their sense of community as a team.

Together, NETWORK’s Advocates Teams are touchstones in our network of members and activists who use their collective power to mend the gaps and transform politics. Their participation in our work grounds our policy positions in the lived realities of the people in their communities. The teams contribute to NETWORK’s vibrancy and impact by informing our mission and amplifying our voice with federal policy makers.

Team activities and advocacy:

  • Monthly in-person meetings
  • Two in-district meetings a year, either with Members of Congress or staff
    The South Carolina Advocates Team meets with Rep. Mulvaney (SC-05)

    The South Carolina Advocates Team meets with Rep. Mulvaney (SC-05)

  • Regular communication with Members of Congress via email, phone calls, town halls, etc.
  • Represent NETWORK in the local media via letters to the editor, interviews, etc.
  • Engage in community outreach or coalition work
  • General participation in NETWORK programs or campaigns

Support Teams receive from NETWORK:

  • Policy briefs and legislative updates
  • Advocacy trainings
  • Organizing trainings
  • Media trainings
  • Educational materials

Currently, we have three Grassroots Advocates Teams:

  • Northern Virginia NETWORK Advocates Team
  • East Lansing NETWORK Advocates Team
  • Indiana NETWORK Advocates Team

Our teams welcome new members! To connect with a Grassroots Advocates Team, please contact Meg Olson, via email or at 202-347-9797 ext. 211 or Catherine Gillette, via email or at 202-347-9797 ext. 232.