Ann Keifer – NY

Anne Kiefer-NY

When the Grassroots Mobilization team announced the Summer 2022 Reparation Campaigns, Anne, an active member of the New York Advocates Team was one of the first people to sign up to host one.

Over 40 people attended, including Congresswoman Shirly Jackson Lee, a leader in

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Advocates Teams are composed of NETWORK members and supporters who live or work in a shared geographical region. Some teams are centered around a specific city or town; others include people across the entire state. Regardless of location, team members are united by their passion for justice, desire to learn, and commitment to advocacy!

Advocates Teams welcome people with all different levels of experience and backgrounds. Some team members have been involved with NETWORK for decades, while others are new to advocacy. NETWORK—and our Advocates Teams—are open to all who share our passion for justice.

  • CA, TX, OH, MI, NY, and VA: Catherine
  • NJ, PA, IN, IL, MO, and KY: Emily

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